This newsletter gives investors the ability to look back into the past and study relevant articles as a part of their back testing research strategy. We feel that the Back Testing newsletter supports research efforts in a variety of ways.
For example, investor sentiment is closely associated with stock market fluctuations. These articles allow readers to revisit the sentiment surrounding past investment decisions. Also, these articles can give you the hindsight needed to identify market signals that surface right before those strong historical market cycles begin. Finally, we can scan our database using a keyword selection process for website links that are specific to your research interests. Back Testing Newsletter or BT-NAR can be a valuable tool for the serious investor.

–is what happens when enough knowledge is accumulated to make an informed decision. The overall cost of making a decision is reduced. Your trading strategy strings together a collection of practical predictions that are based upon rigorous research with measurable outcomes. Our Newsletter is one out of a collection of tools that we offer to help you discover more opportunities through data analysis.